Pansy Day

The following catalogues the names, abuse and locations from the forms that were filled out on Pansy Day: An event commissioned by queerunorth. Some images of the planted pansies will follow, however many pansies were removed. Thanks so much to all those who took part and made the day so affecting.

Jez Dolan- “Watch out! He’ll bum you”- Chorlton Street Bus Station Clayton Doyle- “Batty Boys!”- Sackville Street Jan Bradley – “Do you want some cock? Dyke” – Cross Street Jennie Lawrenson – planted to commemorate abuse of friend – Piccadilly Gardens David Jayet-Lareffe – “Faggots! I would be ashamed if I was like you! Shame on you” – Trinity Way Ashley Knowles – “Are you a fucking queer? Bent Twat!” – At the side of clone Zone Sue Fletcher – “You fishy dykes get on my tits!” - Sacville Street Karen and Emma – Homophobic abuse shouted from car – New Quay Street David Martin – “Fucking Queer!” with physical attack – Chorlton Street Bus Station Becky Johansson – “Fucking Dykes, Get some proper cock” – Oldham Street Nick Morrow – “Queer Arse!” – School in Norfolk Leanne Hughes – Planted to commemorate abuse – North Circle Clare Fellows – “Dirty Fucking Lesbians!” – Westborough High School, Dewsbury Ali Smith – What is it; fucking gay boys night out?” – Piccadilly Station Stephen McGowan – “Queer Boy!” – Whitworth Street Jane Bourne – “Fucking Faggot, Queer!” – College Road Shelton Lesley Fraser – discriminated against for being in same sex couple – Haydock Business Park Elisavet Pakis – “These two do all these unspeakable and abnormal things in front of a child” – Eresos, Lesbos John Malpass – Spat at from moving car – Chester Road Sandro Puca – Attack with Bats and knives, Perth Australia – planted in Sackville Park ChelĂ© Sandra Hanley – Discrimination at School – HallCross School, Doncaster Judith – Unrepeatable abuse – Diana Memorial Ken Rolph and Jeff Gabbot – “Should be on Bromide!” – Front Garden David Kinder – Physical Attack – Princess Street Mathew Horton- Discrimination- Manchester Cathedral Stef Mainey – “Fucking Dyke!” – Outside Retro Bar James Long – Gang of yobs kicking picture of male torso and laughing- Chorlton Street Jamie Price – “Wait there a minute faggot, we want to teach you a lesson!” – Piccadilly Gardens Stuart Turnball – Commemorating abuse of friends- China Town Phil Meese – “You Queer Cunts!” – Cruz NightClub Ian Carmichael – “Fucking Faggots!” – Palace theatre Neil Flewwelling – Symbolic planting of abuse on Sackville, CanadaSackville Park Mem Morrison – “Fucking Benders!” – Sackville Street Neil Tilstone – “Get Off you Pansy!” – Canal Street Sam and Debs – “Fucking Lezzers!” – Tib Street Paul Mayers – “Poofy Boy!” – Tib Street

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