Pansy Inventory

The list below shows every location where I have planted pansies. The abuse that is commemorated has taken place over the last fifteen years, during the time I have lived in Manchester. But these are the incidents I remember, I have experienced many more but happily the details have faded over the years. I have chosen to memorialise only the incidents that have stayed with me. Some of the pansies are still in the locations others have died, some are not currently flowering and some have disappeared. Please use the Archive to access more information about the project:
  1. Grosvenor Street :"It's about time we went gay bashing again isn't it?"
  2. Upper Brook Street : "Faggot!"
  3. Upper Brook Street opposite Montana House, by bus stop: "What the fuck are you looking at? Fucking Queer!"
  4. Oxford Road/ Opposite the Palace Hotel: "Queer Bastard!"
  5. Oxford Road Station approach: "Queers! Faggots! Fucking Poofs!"
  6. Oxford Road outside 24 hour chemist: "Faggot!"
  7. Princess Street- Whitworth Street crossroads: "Fucking Faggot!"
  8. Tib Street opposite Sachs : "Faggots!"
  9. Market Street outside Marks and Spencer: "Heh! Queer Boy?"
  10. St Ann's Street opposite Habitat: "I think he's a queer shall we kill him?"
  11. Auburn Street near Piccadilly Station: "Backs against the wall lads!"
  12. London Road opposite BT building: "What the fuck are you looking at? Faggots!"
  13. Gurney Street/Beswick: Indistinct abuse with yobs throwing stones
  14. Ashton New Road near 'B of the Bang': "Queers!"
  15. Lamport Close: "Look at what he's wearing! he must be a Faggot!"

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