News from New York

(The above photo: "The Nigger is a Faggot!” planted for Dwan Prince, In Brooklyn.)

I recently came across a post on the; Andrés Duque the writer is a friend of the late Edgar Garzon for whom I planted a pansy for whilst in New York. Andrés Duque wrote some kind words regarding the Pansy Project, sadly he has also written about the murder of Michael J Sandy who was killed after being attacked by a group of young men in New York, this has happened since I have returned from New York which is heartbreaking; my thoughts are with his friends and family. Andrés goes on to discuss the number of people who have been killed and attacked over the years, Dwan Prince, Kevin Aviance included and reveals some of the campaigning that has challenged this as a reality, the site is definately worth a look.

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