Admiral Duncan

Whilst in London I looked for the most culturally significant incidents of homophobia, as a consequence I memorialised hate crimes of a serious nature. One of the most high profile was the Admiral Duncan bombing. David Copeland detonated a bomb at the pub on Old Compton Street in 1999 as part of a series of attacks aimed at particular groups; three people died and seventy were injured. I visited the pub and the nearest source of soil was two small trees planted in pots outside the pub. I decided to get permission to plant a pansy in one of the pots. The manager said I would be unable to as I would not be permitted to take a photo for 'security reasons'. It was suggested that photographs may be used for reconnaissance. This possibly over zealous policy reveals the level of paranoia that can be created by one mans deranged act, and perhaps could also attributed to post 911 world. However I intend to seek permission more formally to plant a pansy at the site. I have respected the policy and photographed the Old Compton Street sign above instead to illustrate this post.

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