"Margate is rather Queer...and we don't dislike it"

The above pansy was planted for Lee Harvey who was murdered in Cliftonville (near Margate) in April 2002. Lee Harvey was lured into meeting the two attackers in Margate whilst in a gay internet chatroom, later he was beaten to death by the men near Dane Valley Road, Cliftonville, where I have planted this pansy.
The gay scene in Margate is very small and I have already met people who have heard of this locally high profile attack. My research continues.... The post title above features in correspondence made by Vivien Eliot (wife of T.S. Eliot) whilst accompanying T.S. Eliot during a spell in Margate. During his stay Eliot wrote some of 'The Wasteland''...
"April is the cruelest month,breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing

Memory and desire, stirring

Dull root with spring rain...

...That corpse you planted last year in your garden,

'Has it began to sprout? Will it bloom this year?

Or has the sudden frost disturbed its bed?..."

The above extracts seem appropriate to accompany the Lee Harvey Pansy.


The bizarrely titled; "You're feeling super duper! You take it up the pooper!" planted for Mark Taylor at the bottom of the High Street in Margate (The intended location was outside Woolworths but the nearest source of soil was a planter on the seafront).



The Pansy Project Tour continues to Crate during a week long residency, I will be exploring issues of homophobia from a Margate perspective. I intend to meet local people to discuss issues related to the project, hand out pansies to others so they can memorialise locations where they have received homophobic abuse and to plant pansies at significant locations where abuse has been received. My findings will be posted on www.thepansyproject.com and I will keep the interested posted here on www.thepansyproject.blogspot.com. I am seeking people to meet whilst in Margate who are interested in contributing anecdotes and stories to the project. Please send enquiries and/or locations of abuse to: thepansyproject.aol.com

When: October 28th – November 4thth 2006

Where: Crate, Studio and Project Space, 6 Bilton Square, Margate, Kent, CT9 1DX

for more information on Crate click here


Margate / Ramsgate

The above pansy was planted on Victoria Parade, Ramsgate in memory of Charles Hasledon who was murdered on 31st of October 2001.

As described below the development of The Pansy Project has been my main focus over the last two years. The terrible reality that my research has revealed is that everywhere I go, gay related murder has occurred from New York to Margate and from Ramsgate and to London where I will be going next week. Though I have marked these locations in the same way to how I have marked verbal homophobic abuse I am sensitive to the problematic nature of this ‘like for like’ method. I have considered altering the colour of the pansy or acting in some other way to differentiate a murder from the relatively minor verbal abuse. However I have resolved that this would prevent the project from being as simple and as affecting as many people have told me the project is including a friend of Edgar Garzon a gay man murdered in New York. However despite this I always take the planting of the pansy very seriously and the memorialisation of a death is a more profound experience for me and I hope the viewer of the image that accompanies the post. I believe that the Pansy Project though an artwork simultaneously highlights and as a result helps prevent homophobia.

Please feel free to comment on this post as I would welcome any feedback on this particular element of the project.