Southbank Centre - 100 Ideas

I am participating in the 100 ideas series at Southbank Centre; on Sunday March 25th 2-4pm I will be on a panel that will use the 21st BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and The Pansy Project as a catalyst for discussion, we will explore issues surrounding gay cruising and the sexuality of the city, the modern flanuer or dandy in the context of psychogeography and the persistent threat of homophobic violence and what this reveals about the condition of contemporary masculinity. For more information and to book a free space click here.

The event described above took place yesterday, (image below, from left to right, Raymond Rogers (The Metropolitan Police) Paul Harfleet, Jonathan Keane (LLGFF) and Olivier Meyrou (Director of Beyond Hatred). Thanks to all those that came and contributed to what at times was a moving exploration of the issues that The Pansy Project and the film Beyond Hatred explores. It was great that the BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival working together with Southbank Centre were able to facilitate the discussion. More information on the event here.

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