The Queen's Walk

I am continuing to plant pansies across the site at the Southbank. It is freezing and interesting as many people stop and ask me what I'm up to. It's always slightly sad as I can see the realisation cross the face of the public when I reveal that I am memorialising homophobia. The reaction has so far been very favourable to the project. Frequently people pass and simply thank me for my efforts possibly not aware of The Pansy Project and what it symbolises. Today I planted the above; it seemed appropriate to plant the pansies at the sign; enjoyable how the pansies re-contextualize the sign.
During the process of installing the pansies I had to tweek the original design due to works occurring on the Southbank that surrounded particular trees, this was not too much of a problem as I was able to plant pansies around other trees. Since then the works have moved on to the alternative trees; as you can see above the pansies are now 'enshrined' within these works, they also nestle underneath the temporary book stalls that have been constructed around the pansies placed around bollards (photos to follow). To me this is a fascinating demonstration of the urban 'machine' that forges ahead with apparent disregard of the complexities of human experience. Thus echoing the homophobia The Pansy Project marks. Homophobia itself distributed by the thoughtless who show no regard for the 'victims' they attack and subsequently the attacked are forced into disconnection from the assailants and the urban environment they inhabit.

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