Southbank Installation

3000 pansies have been place at various locations on the Southbank from Hungerford Bridge all the way up to BFI Southbank. The pansies create a thin pink line in the flower beds outside Southbank Centre and then are used to delineate bins (as above) bollards (below), benches and trees. A huge thanks to all the wonderful volunteers; the guerilla gardeners, the BFI volunteers and my special family helpers. They assisted throughout the day braving the sleet, snow, rain and wind.

"Pansies will occupy the newly renovated landscaping outside the Southbank Centre; initially appearing to be commonplace municipal planting the pansies will begin to delineate bins, bollards and bench legs from the Hungerford Bridge to Waterloo Bridge where the London Lesbian & Gay film Festival is housed at the BFI Southbank"

Quote taken from the above statement, more images will follow soon.

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