IDAHO plantings

"Fuck off and die Faggots!" planted on Tottenham Court Road, in the shadow of Centre Point.

For the recent IDAHO event I was involved with a two projects I was delighted to be able to show a selection of photographs at Tooks Chambers. The opening was on the evening of the 17th May and was an interesting event with some speakers and a chance to see 11 photographs of pansies from Margate to New York. The exhibition is open until July 13th when a closing event will take place, including an auction of the photographs that will help raise funds for global charities dealing with homophobia.

Above a participant planting an additional pansy at Tottenham Court Road

This event was preceded by a planting session in association with Camden LGBT Forum. The forum had collated a list of 100 locations with the help of the local police. I and a group of volunteers then went across Camden planting 100 pansies at five locations which operated as a symbolic hub for the abuse that had been experienced. All the locations are viewable at the main website here are few more images of the plantings and the participants getting involved. Below is 'Gays the Word' in Bloomsbury the famous lesbian and gay bookshop, we planted pansies near to the shop to mark the ongoing spitting, graffiting and verbal abuse the shop and it's employees have experienced over the years.

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