The Pansy Project - Berlin

I am currently in Berlin for a month. I am manning a show taking place at Axel Lapp Projects; ’Meeting Point’ is showcasing the work of ten artists that have previously shown at Apartment. As part of the show I have chosen to show a pile of 200 identical signed and titled posters that can be taken by gallery visitors. The poster then acts as a cipher to spread the word of The Pansy Project. I’m using my time in Berlin to do some research on the nature of memorials in light of the amazing monuments that are all over Berlin. An interesting debate I have come across is the argument over the Jewish Holocaust memorial. The huge majority of victims of the holocaust are of course Jewish though other minorities where involved too, including people from Gay, Romany, Black and disabled communities. Apparently there was some discussion about enabling the memorial to mark the experience of the above groups which was accepted though it was decided inappropriate to allow the gay community to be included into this memorial. There are now moves to explore other options for the memorials of specific groups across Berlin. My research continues:

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