Tornado-am-Ostkreuz } Berlin

Above "Was willst du? Komm doch!. Ich hau dir eins in die Fresse!" ("Come on, I'll punch you in the face!") planted just outside the Sophie-Charlotten Platz U-Bahn.
Pansy Project photographs (photo above and below) are on show at Tornado-am-Ostkreuz until the end of April, the selection of seven photographs show pansies planted at sites of homophobia in London, Liverpool, Manchester and New York. Volker Beck, patron of the exhibition gave a speech on issues of homophobia at the opening. I also planted a pansy to commemorate homophobia in Berlin, the above planting marks the location where two men were followed from Sophie-Charlotten Platz U-Bahn and badly beaten the two attackers were caught and charged with homophobic crimes this accompanying event was organised by the gallery and was supported by Maneo.
From left: Volker Beck (Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen), Armin Bergmeier (Tornado-am Ostkreuz), Paul Harfleet and Kay Ramczyk (Tornado-am-Ostkreuz).

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