Blackmarket, Bluecoat, Liverpool

Last week I attended Blackmarket an art project by Hannah Hurtzig hosted by Bluecoat in Liverpool, each audience member was able to book half an hour with an allocated expert. I was one of these experts and spoke about Guerrilla Gardening and its connection with The Pansy Project, it was a fascinating and enlightening experience, it's always interesting talking to others about my work as new interpretations are often uncovered. In preparation I updated some of my research and came across a couple of interesting projects with some connection with my own ongoing work. Firstly there is an exhibition happening at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco entitled ‘The Gatherers’ the show brings together ‘a diverse group of practioners who combine art with cultural activism’. Also Fritz Haeg who is an architect and social designer, his ongoing project ‘Edible Estates’ transforms front lawns into public gardens. I was struck by his ideas on the notion of public space. As ever my research continues. In other news I've recently been interviewed about The Pansy Project the interview appeared on many websites around the world, the interviewer was especially interested in my thoughts on the recent death of Micheal Causer in Liverpool, making my appearance there all the more poignant. This appears to have generated an increase in numbers of my Facebook group which now has over a thousand members.

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