For Michael Causer, 1989-2008, Liverpool

As I continue to process the planting of Michael Causer's pansy I have been pleased with the level of publicity the gesture has generated. Below are a series of links to on-line magazines that have mentioned The Pansy Project and Michael Causer.

Pink News

Liverpool Echo

City Life

Also Richard Reynolds in his own quest to promote Guerrilla Gardening mentioned The Pansy Project during his lecture on BBC Radio 3

I have continued to explore Twitter which is proving quite useful for promoting the project and learning of other homophobically motivated crimes and incidents which so rarely feature in mainstream news. A couple of recent stories have struck me; 11 year old Carl Walker-Hoover, of Massachusetts US, killed himself last week after suffering months of homophobic bullying at school. He did not identify as gay but was verbally and physically abused by classmates 'A Day of Silence' in the US spread awareness of the story.

Also in Scotland the 16 year old, Stuart O'Neill was verbally attacked in Aberdeen by his own Mother, Celia Duncan reportedly called her son and his companion “Poofs!” in the street and later sent text messages proclaiming, “I'll get you and your Poof!”. Stuart O'Neill's Mother was fined £250. The attack was apparently ignited when O'Neill's mother spotted her son and his friend holding hands. Which is topical in light of a new project started in London by David Watkins, 'A Day in Hand' is intended to raise awareness and acceptance of same sex displays of public affection. A subject I explored a couple of years ago with Age Concern and LGYM as part of queerupnorth, here is a link to 'A Day in Hand' which launches on May 17th IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia). I am currently awaiting confirmation of an event to coincide with IDAHO, updates to follow!


  1. Hello there. I just wanted to say thank-you for your beautiful and thought provoking actions. It is so important to draw attention to this - I myself have suffered homophobic abuse around Manchester and it matters to me hugely that a project like this exists. Thank-you Paul.


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