An Anniversary Message

It is one year since the death of Michael Causer a young 18 year old gay man from Liverpool, killed simply because of his sexuality. Anniversaries can be a searingly painful experience for those bereft. Our man made delineation of time is a clumsy tool that helps divide our days and organise our world, however the seasonal changes on our planet locate our experience of time in a profoundly natural way, as familiar scents and sites evoke memories associated with past summers and springs inevitable associations arise, perhaps positive reveries of nostalgia for simpler times come to the fore though for some tragic connotations of lost loves are too painful to bare.

A Pansy Planted for Michael Causer 1989-2008

In my work with the Causer family I have been struck by their reluctant acceptance of this tragedy and their determination to promote Michael as a loved and treasured family member. A tragedy can occasionally jettison the 'victim' into martyrdom, the Causers have resisted such temptation and have painted this young and vivacious man as a normal member of society. The world wide coverage of the story has secured his name as another on a long and horrific list of those murdered for their sexual preference, and as long as The Pansy Project exists it shall help combat this reality in every way possible. My thoughts are as ever with the Causers who have embodied a humble and steadfast determination throughout this last year.

Much Love Paul Harfleet

The Pansy Project

For those able to attend there is a memorial on Sunday August 2nd:

"Please join us on the first anniversary of the death of murdered gay teenager Michael Causer at the Memorial Stone to all victims of persecution in St Johns Gardens (behind St. Georges Hall) Liverpool on Sunday 2nd August. We're meeting at 12.00 noon, and at 12.30, one year on from the exact moment of Michael's death, there will be a minute's silence, and friends and family will be invited to speak about Michael, and what he meant to them. Afterwards, we walk along Victoria Street to the Gay Quarter."


  1. each day is a sad birthday,how long this martyr will last? to think of Michael is to think of all the others.thank you Paul


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