SHOUT! Birmingham, UK

From Thursday November 19th–Saturday November 21th, I will be taking The Pansy Project to Birmingham where it will be included in the SHOUT Festival: “SHOUT is Birmingham’s first ever dedicated festival by and for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender community. It is a bold and ambitious festival that will include arts, sports and politics providing lots of opportunities to get involved. The festival will attract LGBT visitors from across the UK, raising the profile of the city’s lesbian and gay community and changing the way in which we are represented throughout the city.” For SHOUT, I will be planting thin lines of pansies along various points along Hurst Street, which is currently Birmingham's cultural centre for the gay community and has also been a well documented epicentre of several homophobic attacks. I am currently collating locations and details of incidents that have occurred throughout Birmingham to enable me to plant individual pansies in specific locations. If you would like to have a pansy planted for you in Birmingham then leave a comment on the blog or post a message on the Face Book group. I will also be handing out pansies on the day of the installation for those that would like to plant their own pansy. Further details of activities I'm taking part as part of the festival will follow soon!


  1. This is where Thom and I hail from(ish)!!! I may pop along if I'm back home. I remember Thom and I being called fags and having strawberry milkshake flung at us outside the bullring by a group of 12 year old scallies when we went shopping in the sales last christmas. Other than that, I've never had any trouble in the West Midlands. Go West Midlands! Good Luck with it, Paul.


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