IDAHO / 2010

On this 'International Day Against Homophobia' it seems fitting somehow that the largest project I've ever worked on becomes a solid stucture, from sketches and plans and models finally fluid concrete becomes solid, cast in triangular forms that will make up The Pansy Project Garden, once the concrete has been poured, we will wait until the individual slabs harden, solidify become real, ready for transportation to the site, we have been lucky enough to gain support from various sources (Stonescapes, Axtell and BNE Landscapes) that have assisted with this project helping in their own specialised way aid the building of this garden and indirectly help confront global homophobia! In other news to coincide with IDAHO, 'Enough is Enough' is a video made by LGF featuring Ian McKellen and Anthony Cotton, it's an interesting and fitting response to the ongoing dread of homophobia, somehow made more palpable with this new and surprsing political climate in Britain. Image/ Cardboard Model of Garden, Tom Harfleet, More Images to Follow.


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