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I'm currently planning The Pansy Project in Belfast at the Outburst Festival, follow the link for more info. I still need some help with locations in Belfast, so please post a comment on this blog or Facebook or Twitter me, (links below) I will come and plant a pansy for you in Belfast! In other news The Pansy Project has been featuring in Private Eye over the last couple of weeks, firstly in what is called 'Psued's Corner' an area that apparently mocks the over use of pretentious language! This week a kind follower of The Pansy Project wrote a letter which Private Eye generously published, in it the project was clarified, so thanks to Private Eye and the kind writer! I have also managed to catch a glimpse of Trespass (above) a book in which I am featured it's a hefty hardback which explores the complexities of art taking place on the street, it's definately worth a look!...I've also been interviewed by Radio 4 for a show on Guerrilla Gardening which will be transmitted in November, I was interviewd while planting the pansy below entitled "Is You Gay? Is you Fags? Is you gonna get Married?!" Bow Church DLR. My Research Continues.


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Suggest that there could be one outside the Chinese Takeaway in North Queen Street, Belfast where a friend an I both suffered verbal homophobic assault in recent weeks.

  2. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Thanks for the location, what was said? and would you mind me naming the planting after the abuse and you? if not I'm happy for it to be anonymous?
    Kind Regards
    Paul Harfleet

  3. As the friend involved in that incident above, I'll fill in the details. The abuse was...

    "Do you want it up you? Faggots! Gayboys!"

    Outside what is now called China Dragon on North Queen Street.


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