Pansies in Iowa USA!

For Jamey Bruker, 1977-2006, planted by Kirk Stump
The Pansy Project has been going now for six years and has as you can see from the blog and website has had many incarnations. When I have given out pansies to passersby who then plant them in locations that they choose it is always interesting to see them become little memorials which are separate from my input. Recently due to my ongoing Crowd Funder Campaign (I'm at 17% with sixty eight days to go) I have been busy on Face Book and Twitter trying to raise the profile of The Pansy Project. The other day I noticed on Facebook that someone's profile picture was a pansy and commented on it. Kirk Stump then responded by saying that he had planted several pansies around Iowa In Memory of Jamey Brucker, his best friend who was murdered because he was gay. He told me that he had planted five pansies all over the city of Des Moines, Iowa USA. I asked him to send me some images and these are what surround this post. It's as ever terribly sad, but amazing that people from all over the world are beginning to embrace this simple action. It is fascinating that the image has in a way returned the pansy to the initial inspiration for The Pansy Project; the sites of memorial gardens, road side memorials and graves. Thank You Kirk.
"Get the Fuck Out of Here you Mother Fucking Cock-Sucker!", Des Moines, Iowa, USA, planted by Kirk Stump
"Gay Piece of Shit!", Des Moines, Iowa, USA, planted by Kirk Stump


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