Hello Dear Readers!!..
In a generous act of support Crowd Funder UK have suggested that I reduce my goal amount. This contradicts the usual rules of Crowd Funder UK but; "we love what you're doing and want to help as much as possible" this means that after much consideration and with a continued commitment to the rewards promised to all that have already donated which are outlined on my pitch I have decided to reduce the amount to £3500, which now means I am at 89% of my new goal amount (only £382 away) I think this will certainly enable me to get my publication onto your bookshelves, though with perhaps slightly reduced production costs and research time, unless I am able to gather further support from other sources.
Again I'd like to thank Crowd Funder UK for bending the rules in this way and a huge and heartfelt thank you to all that have donated, shared, and promoted my Campaign which ends on MONDAY!!!.....
Sincerely Paul Harfleet......


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