From Queer to Eternity

I’m delighted to announce that I am showing alongside the amazing David Hoyle in August (preview August 26th in Manchester) this two person show will showcase our practices, detailed below. “From Queer to Eternity' brings together David Hoyle’s De Profundis and Paul Harfleet’s Pansy Project: Working as two disparate artists whose paths have crossed intermittently over the last twenty years in various contexts from Manchester bars and night clubs to theatre venues and the festival circuit. Harfleet and Hoyle are neighbours who pop by for the occasional cup of tea. They are friends who occasionally write, they are perhaps distant brothers who have lost touch. But remotely they have a fondness for each other and the way in which the other works, fundamentally however they both have a shared interest and engagement with the politics of gayness and its peculiar position in contemporary society. Each were born of a North West art school, both have courted drag / androgynous personas and both have engaged with political activism. These similarities however have created vastly different aesthetics and methodologies, which this show endeavours to explore and elaborate on in this exhibition.” See more and tell me your coming on Facebook.

I am also approaching the end of my Crowd Funder Campaign, a mission to publish a book about The Pansy Project. I still have a long way to go and a lot more to raise, I’m choosing to remain optimistic until the very end, though I am aware it is a lot to ask from supporters of The Pansy Project. Whatever happens I am excited about the next few months which include the show above, my forthcoming collaboration with Tatty Devine and a series of new plantings across London which will coincide with the launch of the Tatty Devine Pansy Project jewellery line in the autumn.

So watch this space for updates and all news and of my Crowd Funder Campaign.


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