Homotopia / IDAHO / 2012

"Punched" For James Parkes, Stanley Street, Liverpool
The Pansy Project’s evolution continues; I worked with Homotopia on IDAHO 50 a project with the Merseyside Probation Trust, for International Day Against Homophobia, the followiong description appeared on Homotopia's website.
"Can you feel me now, lad?" with beating, Progress Place, Liverpool

"Support International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia. The inaugural launch of IDAHO 50 on May 17th 2012 will be a high profile and visible display of action against homophobia & transphobia on Merseyside. The first city to create, participate & engage in IDAHO 50. Homotopia has collaborated with 50 Merseyside companies & organisations who will mark the day by flying a rainbow flag, or create a visual statement with an artist on the day"

"Can you feel me now, lad?" with beating, Progress Place, Liverpool - Alternate View

Pansies were planted in a rectangular plot in St Luke’s Church Yard, the plot though unremarkable in its appearance represents months of meetings and organising by Homotopia and The Merseyside Probation Trust.

Participants in the ‘Community Payback’ scheme helped plant the pansies on site on May 17th, (above) though not specifically linked to homophobic hate crime the people who took part represented society’s determination to challenge unacceptable behaviour, The Pansy Project in this context reflects an element of society that is affected by crime and chooses to challenge it in a very different way. The ‘Community Payback’ team built planters that were placed around Liverpool and filled with pansies for IDAHO, this action represents an interesting development of The Pansy Project's social engagement, something that I am currently researching for the forthcoming publication on The Pansy Project.

On May 17th representatives of Liverpool council such as the Lord Mayor Cllr Frank Prendergast who helped plant pansies on site, (above myself with two LGBT Liverpool councillors; Cllr Louise Baldock and Cllr Gary Millarand the Lord Mayor) this ritual of planting with dignataries has become a significant and symbolic act that emphasises the ritulaistic nature of The Pansy Project and its ability to mould itself into various forms. Below left to right; The Lord Mayor's consort and daughter; Lesley, Lord Mayor Cllr Frank Prendergrast, Anne Pakula Head of Operations at Merseyside Probation Trust, Gary Everett (Homotopia) and myself speaking at the event.

It seems at this point The Pansy Project is being assimilated by other organisations and interpreted in different ways. This does not always reflect my own aesthetic but does reflect the issues The Pansy Project endeavours to confront in planting pansies at the site of homophobic abuse. In effect this outside activity in my opinion strengthens the community engagement of the work I do. As ever I also planted pansies at the site of incidents of homophobic abuse (pictured top) and it this element of the project that operates as the core or skeleton of my work. It is this activity that has enabled me to communicate with other disciplines, in this case the justice system and IDAHO which helps highlight the global phenomenon of homophobia in all its manifestations. After the event the participants chatted over tea and biscuits at a nearby cafe.....

A special thanks to all that helped facilitate The Pansy Project in Liverpool for IDAHO 50. Further documentation of the days events will be coming soon....

As ever my research continues, also coming soon, news of The Pansy Project being interpreted in another way during IDAHO 2012...


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Why is the Rotunda Idaho day not mentioned..?.
    A lot of people worked very hard to make it happen ,and both Paul Harflet and Gary attended .

  2. Hello.
    Sorry about that, I was waiting for an e-mail with images, I've now found them for myself... and put links to Rotundas site and Images of Facebook...

    Thanks again to everyone that helped....

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