New Video on GGTV

One of the many highlights of my recent trip to Graz in Austria for Truth is Concrete was meeting all the lovely participants and assistants there. Everyone was so welcoming and engaging. I was also pleased to be accompanied by Richard Reynolds, we shared the same stage early one Sunday morning discussing our respective attitudes to Guerrilla Gardening. Richard kindly offered to document the planting later that day. The above is what he produced and it really is a joy. The video captures both the joy and fun of planting pansies in the street and also the poignancy and effects of The Pansy Project. Well worth a watch and a share simply for the quirky music choices and and the lovely Austrian light, it is delightful. So a huge thanks to Richard for taking time out of his busy schedule to make this video.

The Image above is the scene where the hole had been filled which was briefly occupied by the pansy below (previous post) . I should make it clear that on my search for planting pansies at this site, I had noticed a loose cobble that I was able to dislodge and squeeze a pansy into. So I really don't believe the Austrian's had committed a crime against pansies, they were simply repairing the road.


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