The Pansy Project in Bologna, Italy

I am frequently asked where The Pansy Project is going next, often I’m happy to be getting on a train, plane or automobile with a tray of pansies and trowel in hand to whichever location requires my attention. This week The Pansy Project manifested itself in Bologna, Italy. Though this time my presence was only virtual as members of ‘Terra di Nettuno’ had heard that ‘Forza Nuova’ (a far-right political group) had under the cover of darkness placed homophobic posters outside a local GLBT community centre, the posters which stated; “Perversions must be Healed” was a clear and unprovoked attack on the GLBT people happily going about their good work in Bologna.

So ‘Terra di Nettuno’ joined The Pansy Project on Facebook and kindly requested my support and permission to plant pansies on my behalf. The so-called “green activists” adopted their “flying-plant technique” and hung a lot of cans filled with pansies in the place where the poster had been hung. I of course welcomed their support and have been delighted with a swathe of Italian ‘Likers’ on Facebook and a flurry of Twitter activity. Apparently there was a lot of local support of the GLBT groups in Bologna from the “whole city and many newspapers” I also heard a podcast that was covering the work at Caserro with ‘Terra di Nettuno’, Guerrilla Gardening, Richard Reynolds and The Pansy Project getting a mention.

So a huge thanks to the Guerrilla Gardeners of Bologna, above is a selection of photos of the team from ‘Terra di Nettuno’ planting pansies at Cassero.

Link to the Podcast - (In Italian) The Pansy Project is mentioned about an hour in:

A Blog about it all here

In other news I had the honour in September to be highly commended for The Pansy Project for the Alan Turing Memorial Award, especially heart-warming as I have previously researched, made work about and contributed to a documentary on Alan Turing so was very pleased. Thanks to one and all for the nominations and to LGF for hosting what I hear was a lovely award ceremony. I received the award above last week and thought it appropriate to share it here.

Also those patient supporters of The Pansy Project Publication will (with luck) soon being seeing the fruits of their donations as I charge forward with my publication in earnest. I haven’t forgotten you! ‘Watch This Space’ for updates.

As ever my research continues

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